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6 August
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Hey there! How's it goin'? (n_n)v

You can call me Tatiana or Ti~ (I'll LOVE you if you call me Ti (it rhymes with Pi~ ♥) xDDD I'm ditsy, lazy and laid back. I often leave things to the last minute. But I'm kindhearted, loyal and hardworking (well, that's what I've been told, lol)

Most important of all, I'm craaaaaaaaazy about Yamashita Tomohisa !!! and would like to meet crazy Pi fans just like me!

As you figured out, my favourite drama character is Kusano Akira ♥ *Kon Kon* \m/(n_n) haha

Well, that's me in a nutshell! Nice to meet you!

I like making Yamashita Tomohisa headers and wallpapers. It's just a hobby of mine... (and a way to keep "oogling" Pi *cough* with "kind/gentle eyes"! xDDD )

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